Lego Hyrule: Northwest

Rito Village was one of the first things I built for this map, and it remained largely unchanged through many revisions of the land around it. Like all the towns on this map, the size of Rito Village is greatly exaggerated. To scale, it would have to be less than a single lego bump wide! Yes, this is the kind of thing that bothers me. It's worth sacrificing some scale accuracy to make important landmarks recognizable.

On a whim I grabbed a grey "pirate parrot" and stuck it on there to see how it looked as Vah Medoh. That stuck, which locked me into finding a way to do the other three Divine Beasts, which were much more difficult.

While I was digging the pirate parrot out of the "lego animals" bin, I happened to notice a red snake, which gave me the terrible idea of using that for Dinraal. Which locked me into finding other color snakes for the other two dragons. I wasn't initially intending to add so many animals to the map, but I must follow where the inspiration leads.

I always knew that transparent antenna pieces would make good Sheikah Towers. But should I make them orange (as they are when the game starts) or blue (as they are after Link activates them)? What game state am I representing here?

Turns out the transparent blue ones are like $5 each on, while the orange ones are like ten cents. Sometimes the price of parts makes the decision for you.

Fun fact: the face on the Great Deku Tree is from a Lego Star Wars "Lando" figure.

It was my daughter's idea to put that gold ninja weapon in front of the Deku Tree to represent the Sword That Seals The Darkness. Ridiculously out of scale, of course, but it's a fun easter egg.

People are always asking me "why is there a skull on that one tower?" Well, go to the Woodland Tower in the game! There's a giant skull on it! It's not complicated.

The five pillars that form the seal around Hyrule Castle don't really look much like the black "claw" pieces I'm using here. They're much more trapezoidal, and covered with runes, but I couldn't figure out a better way to represent them, so claws it is.

I'm rather proud of the magenta pieces representing Calamity Ganon's swirling clouds of malice.

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